Trent Oster

Bringing Sixteen years of game development experience to the company, Trent is no stranger to gaming startups. As a student of Computer Science at the University of Saskatchewan, he co-founded Bioware and later broke off as an owner in Pyrotek Games Studios, where he developed the highly-successful action game "Shattered Steel." Trent rejoined Bioware to finish "Shattered Steel" and went on to help grow the BioWare business, working on major successes such as Baldur's Gate and MDK2. Following his early work, Trent stepped into the role of Project Director and Producer on the industry-changing game Neverwinter Nights . He went on to establish the Department of Technology at the company, serving as its Director and defining BioWare's overall technology strategy. During that time, Trent served as the Director of the Technology Architecture Group at Bioware, managing the development of the BioWare Eclipse Engine (the Engine behind Dragon Age). Trent then returned to creative direction as the Executive Producer of an innovative yet unannounced project.

Having helped evolve the game development process through his various ventures, Trent has gained expertise in the areas of team management, art and technology integration and game concept development. At Beamdog, he is responsible for business development, creative direction and marketing. His continued commitment to creating the best entertainment imagined is the driving force behind his vision of using Beamdog to change the computer gaming landscape.

Cameron Tofer

Cameron brings an impressive track record to Beamdog, having worked in the industry for almost a decade and a half. After shining in his initial work at BioWare, shipping the title "Shattered Steel" as a programmer, Cameron quickly moved up to the Lead Programmer job on the action title MDK2. Cameron blazed new ground for BioWare as he developed a new game engine from scratch and drove the first console product at the company through to completion on Sega's Dreamcast platform. Following BioWare, Cameron moved on to work at Namco, serving as Technical Director on the title "Dead to Rights". Following Namco USA, Cameron founded his own studio, Hermitworks Entertainment, specializing in independent game development.

Cameron's areas of expertise are technology development and management, business operation and general game development and management. At Beamdog, Cameron is responsible for technology, research and development.

Scott Brooks

Scott draws on a wide range of skills to develop and maintain the technology needed to implement a digital distribution platform. His unique mix of systems administration, web architecture and software development skills allow Scott to lead development of the Beamdog platform. From the first packet to the final purchase, Scott knows what's going on. While at Epic Advertising Scott helped develop and deploy their next generation advertising infrastructure, and took the lead on developing their real time optimization server before returning to Alberta to take his position at Beamdog.

At Beamdog, Scott is responsible for the server side architecture and infrastructure that powers Beamdog.

Phillip Daigle

Phillip has been on the production side of the game industry since 2005, starting out at Hermitworks Entertainment. As a Producer, Phil has various skills in almost every discipline related to game development and digital distribution. After shipping three titles with Hermitworks, Phil jetted off to the sunny, palm tree infested beaches of Edmonton, Alberta.

Phil is involved in the day-to-day operations of Beamdog, touching on almost every aspect of the company. He also takes care of publisher and developer relations, and officiates the bi-weekly Feats of Strength Tournament.

Nat Jones

Nat Jones is an award winning artist and writer renowned for his work in comic books, video games and film. As one of the industry’s top horror and dark fantasy artists, he has worked with many of horrors' most recognized creators and filmmakers including Rob Zombie, Guillermo del Toro, Steve Niles, Todd Mcfarlane and Joe Hill. Best known for his work on the horror/zombie comic ’68, Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, and Spawn, his credits also include The Devil’s Rejects, 28 Days Later, Rob Zombie's The Nail, 30 Days of Night, Fear the Dead, The Tripper and Hobo with a Shotgun.

Nat is currently working on the award winning Vietnam zombie epic '68 and as Art Director at Beamdog. Nat is also the creator of the Digital Illustration and Sequential Art (DISA) diploma program at Guru Digital Arts College in Edmonton, Canada.

Wesley Cann

Wesley is a longtime veteran of the game industry, having worked properties like Final Fantasy, Dead to Rights, Company of Heroes, Tiger Woods PGA Tour, and many more. As soon as Wes heard our more-or-less truthful description of the wonder and majesty of Northern Canada, he agreed to join the team immediately.

Wes is a 3D digital artist at Beamdog, and most recently used his talents to bring the world of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition to life.

Andrew Foley

Andrew Foley wrote the comic books DONE TO DEATH and PARTING WAYS, and co-wrote the New York Times-bestselling COWBOYS & ALIENS, which inspired the 2011 feature film starring Daniel Craig and Harrison Ford. His other writing credits include the official graphic novel sequel to the Showtime TV series Jeremiah, JEREMIAH: THE LAST EMPIRE, the screenplay for LEAGUE OF FIVE, an animated film in development with Mexico's Ánima Estudios, and the videogame BALDUR'S GATE II: ENHANCED EDITION. He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, with his lovely and talented wife Tiina, a lovely but profoundly untalented dog, and two cats, one of which occasionally tolerates his presence.

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