Return Policy

With Beamdog we strive to make the gaming experience as smooth and painless as possible. We do, however, realize that some products may have issues on certain computers.

We will use the Beamog Client diagnostics to help get to the bottom of the problem, but we appreciate your help in making our software better.

Use the "Feedback" section of the website to tell us about the problem. Try to give a concise description of what the problems were with the software and be certain to specify the correct title as it will aid in our efforts.

In the case we cannot resolve the issue, and if we are unable to resolve the issue, you may request a refund using the "Feedback" section. Be precise about the title as the software will be un-installed.

This refund will typically be given through a return on the payment method used in the store.

This refund will result in the user losing all access to the Content they request a refund on.

Even if the Content has been downloaded it will be removed/disabled from the users' computer.

As well, all CD keys and multi-player keys will be permanently disabled, so we encourage you to be certain before asking for a refund.

Make sure your video drivers are up to date! The most common graphics providers are nVidia, AMD and Intel.

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