What is Beamdog?

Beamdog was founded in 2009 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada! And it's true, we all have the subtle scent of of syrup and can skate with our eyes closed.

Beamdog is a game developer and digital distributor. When you purchase a game from us on our website, you can then use the Beamdog Client to quickly download your game. When the download is finished, your game is ready to play - no installation required! Our newer games, such as Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition and Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition have their own stand-alone installers!

On Beamdog, the games you purchase are yours. Once you’ve purchased your games, they won’t be taken away. Beamdog has ceased selling most third party games, but previously purchased games will remain available!

What's the Beamdog Client like?

> Quick Downloads > Automatic Updates
Download your games at blazing fast speeds from our servers located around the world. Not only do you get game updates instantly, but the Beamdog Client will also take care of updating necessary software for you.
> Lean & Mean > Play Offline
The Beamdog Client is lightweight, fast, and has no extra cruft beyond downloading your games and delivering them to you. After a game has been activated on our servers, there's no need to keep an internet connection around - you can play offline!

But wait... who ARE you?

You can read all about us on the Beamdog Bios page!

Download the Beamdog Client (551kb)

What people are saying about Beamdog:

  • "Beamdog is literally the greatest thing to happen since penicillin was invented." - Phillip D.
  • "Why is it downloading so fast, it shouldn't be this fast, I don't understand." - P. Daigle
  • "Beam... Dog... [is] great." - Captain James T. Kirk, Star Trek (Across several episodes)
  • "At least they have a sense of humor about those useless "What people are saying about XYZ" on every product's page." - Hemish, Something Awful Forums Magnate

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