Baldurs Gate crashes



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Hi guys,

So I have installed Baldurs Gate Enhanced Edition on my laptop with Windows 7.

Every time I launch the game and press play on the client I get to the start page where i can choose tutorial etc. but there is some "strange" text in the top left part af the screen.

If I choose tutorial or Baldurs Gate and click play at a character then the game crashes - every single time.

I have tried updating the different drivers etc, that are suggested, but that does not seem to work...



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Yeah, using Windows 7 too so I don't think its that. You can rule that out. Sorry I'm not much more help.

If its any consolation alot of people are experiencing issues. Its crashed for me a fair few times.

I'm a little bewildered by it all to be honest. I mean there were plenty of mods for the original made by independent parties that did the same and more without crashing. I'm a huge supporter of what beamdog is doing, thats why I bought the game but they really have to step it up a notch if they seriously want to make Baldurs Gate 3. They seem committed so don't worry, they'll likely fix your issue soon.

Still, at least they stayed true to the original and haven't nerfed anything like some whining bitches suggested. Now that, that would piss me off.



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i had a problem where the game was crazy slow and i ran it in windowed mode and now it works fine s i'd first suggest that. if not that then perhaps updating drivers or updating the game, if that doesnt help post exactly whats wrong and ill see what i can do

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