Do you have to purchase extra characters on the iPad?



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On the shop icon in the main menu there is the option to by dorn, neera and extra portraits for $3 each. I was to understand that all the characters came with the game upon purchase? So is there some kind of mistake or is there some false advertising going on here?



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did you pre-order it? From what i understand you only got the characters if you pre ordered the game, ive pre ordered for my PC and i have them how ever my friend didnt pre order them for his i-pad so i could be wrong but its the only logical guess i could come up with if another friend of mine buys it now for the PC and doesnt get the characters ill let you know then we can be sure of this.



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Excellent, keep me updated and let me know if there is the same issue with the pc version



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Not sure I like having to buy extra content to get the 'full experience' in the game. I know it's the fad thing to constantly add content to games these days but there is something to knowing that you are 'done' with the game. I almost don't want to get the game until the new content stops flowing.



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PC players bought BG:EE for $20. Let's call that the "full game".

ipad users are given a choice. The base BG:EE game is $10, thats the Enhanced Edition in all of its glory, kits, new UI, native high res and more plus the Black pits and new monk character.
Then you can add the 2 other new characters and the portrait pack for $3 each.

Buying the base game and the rest of the content for the ipad would be $1 less then PC players paid for the same "full game".

Starting with a less expensive base game allows them to have a competitive price point in the mobile platform market. While giving us the chance to get the rest of the content if we want it.

BG was great, BG:EE is better. However you look at it 10-20 bucks for a game that has 100's of hours of playtime is amazing.


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