This is the Mac OS X version of Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition. In order to download this game, click 'Download Now' on this page after making your purchase.

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition for Mac OS X requires Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher.

Kidnapped. Imprisoned. Tortured. The wizard Irenicus holds you captive in his stronghold, attempting to strip you of the powers that are your birthright.

Can you resist the evil within you, forge a legend of heroic proportions, and ultimately destroy the dark essence that haunts your dreams? Or will you embrace your monstrous nature, carve a swath of destruction across the realms, and ascend to godhood as the new Lord of Murder?

Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition brings this critically acclaimed role-playing experience to Mac.


  • The Final Chapter - Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition includes Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Baldur's Gate II: Throne of Bhaal, the epic conclusion of the Bhaalspawn saga.
  • Four New Party Members - Bundled with Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition are four new characters that can join you on your journey.
  • The Black Pits 2: Gladiators of Thay - Explore the tactical depth of high-level Dungeons & Dragons combat. Undermine your captors and prey upon their weaknesses while you dodge traps and battle for your life against Demi-Liches, Mind Flayers, and Githyanki.
  • Easy Multiplayer - Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition makes it easy to find, list, and join multiplayer games, even while behind a firewall.
  • Widescreen and More - Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition features full widescreen support, remastered area artwork from original renders, and a host of other interface and gameplay improvements.

Visit the Baldur's Gate II: Enhanced Edition website to learn more!

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 512 MB
Minimum Graphics OpenGL 2.0 compatible
Processor Speed (GHz) 1 GHZ

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From the forum

  • How to download for 0S-X

    Purchased BG2EE the game this morning. DL the installer and put it in applications. Now I can't access the game. I get to the installer, put in my email and pw and then I just get a spinning prompt, no message, no nothing. Tech support has responded to me twice in 7 hours - neither time all that helpful.

    What's Beamdog's refund policy?

  • long download

    Most of it donwloaded at good speed, around 500 kb, but then, a bit before the final, speed has gone down to 50 BYTES (not kilobytes, but bytes). It is going to take foreverĀ”

  • cannot buy BGii

    I cannot buy BGii OSX.

    signed up at beam dog as laserjim with email Have not received confirmation email.

    what do i have to do. Have not received email confirmation but verified email works?

  • Can't access BG2 from the launcher!

    Got it working after following the steps on this page.

  • BG2 Enhanced in other languages (french)

    Hi everybody,

    really excited to play this classic game on my macbook air, works perfectly. Is that possible to got some translation? I'm looking for the french one, as there are a lot of interesting dialog in this game.


  • Poor Tech Support

    Still waiting to hear something - anything - about an open technical problem relating to the launcher not connecting. Even a simple "We're working on it" would be better than nothing.

  • How do I import BGEE character to BG2EE?

    I figured out how to do it on a iPad, you export, then click open in bg2, and it will be in the directory.

  • Buying BG2 for mac

    Folks. I just received an email from Dee at Beamdog. He fixed my issue quickly and the game was purchased and loaded in no time.
    Awesome customer service.

  • Can't find saved game file to transfer BG1 to BG2 Mac

    You should find the BGEE games under /Users/YourAccountName/Library/Containers/com.beamdog.baldursgateenhancededition/Data/Documents/Baldur's Gate - Enhanced Edition/save where YourAccountName is your account name, of course.

  • Update for Mac

    Sorry to bother with such a question, but how do I find out, which version my bg2ee is? And how can I get updates, if available?
    Thanks in advance

  • Playing BGiiee between an iPad and a Mac


    I've bought both the iPad and the mac version of BGiiee and I'd like to play between both devices, the same characters/save files. How can I do this?



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