BEEP isn't the actual name, the real name was too bawdy for polite society so we had to censor it.

BEEP is a high-definition, physics-based platform game. You control a small robot equipped with an anti-gravity device, a jet-pack and a gun. Drive, jump, fly, swim and shoot your way through 24 levels scattered across 6 unique environments.

Utilize BEEP’s anti-gravity device to manipulate the physics-based environment. The anti-gravity device is as much a tool as a weapon. Use it to smash BEEP’s enemies, build towers and solve puzzles.

BEEP has traveled for thousands of years through deep space to explore the galaxy. Take control of a spaceship to explore an entire star system and unravel the mystery of what has happened there...

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  • Control a small robot with ultimate precision.
  • Manipulate a physics-based environment.
  • Encounter a variety of physics-based AI robots.
  • Explore an entire solar system.


  • A custom OpenGL-based engine running at 60hz.
  • Stylish HD vector graphics presented in 16:9.
  • Rich sound effects and spectacular music.
  • FMOD for positional sound effects and filters.

Gameplay Trailer:

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 512
Minimum Graphics OpenGL 2.0 256mb
Processor Speed (GHz) 2.0

Currently unavailable for sale

From the forum

  • BEEP crash

    Did you ever manage to resolve this with the developer? If not, let us know and we'll offer you a full refund.

  • Great title

    Ask and ye shall receive!

    Please upgrade to the latest version on Beamdog which has multiple checkpoints strategically located after difficult parts in each level.

    Should help lower the frustration quite a bit.

  • BEEP appreciation weekend!

    This weekend, 100% of the money you spend on buying BEEP will go directly to the developer, Big Fat Alien! No middleman, no fees, nothing!

    It's basically like you personally are gently placing a ten dollar hamburger directly into the mouth of the developer. Or maybe some other analogy that isn't weird as heck.

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