Prepare to take the Commandos on their deadliest mission yet as you venture deep into enemy territory across three extensive campaigns. From the ruins of Stalingrad through Nazi occupied central Europe and onto the beaches of Normandy, your men must use their skills to confound the enemy. The Commandos are the best the Allies have - are you fit to lead them?


  • Engage the enemy across Europe, from the Eastern front of Stalingrad, to the Gestapo Headquarters in Berlin, to the D-Day assault on Omaha Beach, each offering unique tactical situations and more action than ever before in the series.
  • Navigate detailed interior and exterior environments with completely new situations including ambushes, assaults, timed missions and level bosses.
  • Prepare your commandos for a variety of strategies as enemy bombing raids destroy and alter the surrounding environment, requiring you to change your tactics on the fly.
  • Utilize ambush tactics, stealth, sabotage, and demolitions to disrupt enemy advances.
  • Test your skills head-to-head with up to 8 other players via LAN and Internet.

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 128 MB
Minimum Graphics GeForce 2 or Equivalent
Processor Speed (GHz) Pentium III

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