What do you get when you cross the DNA of mythical monsters and arcade heroes? I-Mones! I-Digger, the first successful experiment, has been specially created to delve deep within the earth for stolen treasure and lost artifacts.

Minerals, jewels and chests of gold need to be extracted and brought back to the surface to take advantage of upgraded equipment and special bonuses for our fearless hero.

Keep your wits and reflexes sharp as hostile robots, ghosts and falling boulders can block your progress or even close up your escape routes in three unique environments and 33 levels.

I-Digger: Live to Dig, Dig to Live!


  • Dig through 33 levels in 3 different environments
  • Collect more bonuses the deeper you go
  • Upgrade your digger to go faster, farther, deeper!
  • Shut down bot-diggers that can ruin your plans
  • Dig smart! Always leave an escape route

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 256 MB
Minimum Graphics 32 Mb Video
Processor Speed (GHz) 700 MHz

Currently unavailable for sale

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