What do you get when you cross the DNA of mythical monsters and arcade heroes? I-Mones! I-Dragon is sizzling hot and master of the maze!

I-Dragon needs to get through 40 different mazes and puzzles while beating the clock. Bonuses like watches and coins will add to your score, while mushrooms and crystals will invert your controls and speed you up or slow you down.

Think fast! You need to get I-Dragon to the exit in time; burn through obstacles, collect bonuses and watch out for dead-ends and traps along the way.

I-Dragon - Born to Burn!


  • Get I-Dragon through 40 timed maze and puzzle levels
  • Collect time and point bonuses to increase your score
  • Gather or avoid items that change your controls
  • Watch out for dead ends, pits and traps
  • Burn through certain obstacles to get through faster

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 256 MB
Minimum Graphics 32 Mb Video
Processor Speed (GHz) 700 MHz

Currently unavailable for sale

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