Feb 17, 2167. Deep Space Colony Unzervalt: Final Log Entry.

After being marooned on this distant world for nearly 20 years, we have now engineered a launch vehicle with enough power to leave the system. Many of the colonists are too weak for hyperspace. I am faced with the task of choosing 30 of the most fit to accompany me. My mission is clear: find out if our forces or the evil Ur-Quan prevailed in the galactic war. And most importantly, discover if our planet survived.

The Ur-Quan Masters: The quest for Earth begins.

The best science fiction game of 1990 (And, arguably, of all time) returns to life with online multiplayer and additional voice acting.


  • Explore and liberate over 3000 planets and star systems.
  • Make contacts with over 18 alien races. Some friendly. Some Fiendish.
  • Unravel mind-boggling mysteries. Uncover plots within plots.
  • Command a reconfigurable flagship supported by an armada of fighters.
  • Fight an enemy team with up to 14 ships in the "Super Melee" bonus game.
  • 3-D Rotating planets and fractal generated planet surfaces.
  • Ultra-brilliant 256-color VGA graphics. Revolutionary digital sound and music.
  • Master 25 distinctly different spacecraft in the heat of combat.

The Ur-Quan Masters was made possible by through hard work from both Toys for Bob and the UQM Team. Visit their websites to learn more:

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 64 MB
Minimum Graphics TNT2 or Voodoo 3
Processor Speed (GHz) Pentium 200

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