My Cousin is a Star Wolf. It's good work if you can get it, but the constant exposure to the black and formless void wreaks havoc on your skin.

Star Wolves is a 3D space RPG with deep strategy and tactical elements. The game thrusts players into a world of freelance space hunters in the XXI-XXII century A.D. during a time of political crisis for the all-powerful Empire and the three mega-corporations that control all the known worlds. Corruption prospers planet-side and only space can give a man his freedom, but not without a cost: space is not a safe place anymore. Human space pirates, rogue AI computers that rebelled against humanity and empire patrol ships roam space in search of easy prey.

Players begin the game as a bounty hunter with little more than an old, run-down space fighter and a dream, but as they advance in the game and prosper, their piloting and battle skills improve, allowing access to more advance spacecraft. Players can control a party of up to six bounty hunters, each possessing different skills, abilities and personality.

Team tactics give players vast opportunities in battles when shear fire power isn't enough. Tactical ruses, planning and executing ambushes or deploying spaceships' special abilities provide cunning commanders the ability to crush enemies according to their style of play.


  • Spectacular 3D real-time battle system
  • Variety of missions and mission-types including stealth, hit and run and assault missions
  • Secondary and secret quests along with primary missions
  • Dozens of energy and missile weapons
  • A choice of eight game characters, both male and female, to form your party
  • Original blend of tactical and action game play
  • Non-linear storyline and game play
  • Over 25 space fighters
  • Over 40 missions
  • Original RPG system

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 128 MB
Minimum Graphics GeForce 2 MX400 32 MB video card or similar
Processor Speed (GHz) Pentium III 800 MHz or similar

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