While The Precursors may be in English, Услышать только один язык - это недостаточно!

What's not to love about The Precursors? Very little! And now there's even more to love. This pack, made by the kind folks over at RPG Watch, adds Russian audio to fill in some missing gaps from the English version of the game. Gun effects, missing voiceovers, and more are all restored to their pristine Russian origins in this totally free, totally optional package.

The Precursors will remain in English, but additional Russian voice overs will be heard in spaces where there would otherwise be none.


  • More sound effects!
  • Interesting Russian voice overs!
  • Upon completion of your download, a unicorn will visit your house and kiss you gently on the forehead! We hope!

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 1 GB
Minimum Graphics GeForce 7600 or better
Processor Speed (GHz) Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz

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From the forum

  • The Precursors Fan Improvement Pack: Out Now!

    I installed the Unofficial Patch v1.5, and it didn't seem to do any harm. It mentions in the patch notes an ATi flicker fix, which affects me since I use an AMD/ATi card. It also looks like it eliminated the lag for surface texture rendering (something that Unreal Engine 3 games are notorious for, but does this game use UE3?), but the notes readme also include lines for the graphics renderer .ini file for fixing it manually.

    I'm concerned that the different versions of the patch may NOT be cumulative, since the notes for 1.3 mention "English cutscene voiceovers", and the filesize of the 1.5 patch is a little short for lots of sound files (52MB), unless of course there's some compression technique I'm not aware of, or there just aren't a lot of 'English cutscenes'. Wesp5 has done a stellar job on previous Unofficial Patch series, so I wouldn't expect him to cop out here.

    My last concern is that the "Anti-aliasing" setting in the game's options menu won't keep. I'll set it to anything but "No" (instead of "Off", apparently), and click Apply, but when I come back to it, whether or not I exit the game first, it goes back to "No". I can force Anti-aliasing with the Catalyst Control Panel, but it still bugs me.

    I asked the guys over at Patches Scrolls about it, and they say it's cumulative, and they haven't received any reports about problems with the 1.5 beta patch, so it's good to go.

  • Precursors won't start.

    Thanks for letting us know.

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