Obviously I can't talk about it in any specific detail, but as a consultant for Area 51 I've fired beanbags at more than my fair share of alien foreheads.

<p><strong>UFO: Afterlight</strong> takes us to Mars, where a human colony has been built with the help of the Reticulans not long before the events of UFO: Aftershock took place. Mars base is self-sustainable and provides all the necessities for survival of humans on a foreign planet, mainly breathable air, water and food. Although the people inhabiting this colony have the technologies and knowledge required for their further development, basic survival is their major concern. Their only activity is the research of a nearby excavation site, which proves the existence of an ancient intelligent and highly developed alien civilization.</p><p>The player will enter the game when the research drastically affects all Mars inhabitants. New and unexpected enemies appear in the form of robots, built centuries ago by the unknown aliens for their protection, whose purpose is to eliminate any traces of other civilizations on Mars.</p><h2>Features</h2><ul><li>combination of global strategy and tactical missions</li><li>completely new story built on the events from UFO: Aftershock</li><li>large number of new technologies, weapons and equipment to develop</li><li>completely new environments on a different planet than Earth</li><li>highly replayable game because of the player's key decisions on diplomacy and research</li><li>strong RPG elements, the player knows his team by names</li></ul>

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 512 MB
Minimum Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 6600+ or ATI Radeon 9700+
Processor Speed (GHz) Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or AMD Athlon XP 2000

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