Carefully guide your nation from the era of absolute monarchies in the early 19th century, through expansion and colonization, to finally become a truly great power by the dawn of the 20th century.

Victoria 2 is a grand strategy game played during the colonial era of the 19th century, where the player takes control of a country, guiding it through industrialization, political reforms, military conquest and colonisation. Experience an in-depth political simulation where every action you take will have various consequences over all the world. The population will react to your decisions based on their political awareness, social class, as well as their willingness to accept or revolt against their government.


  • Eight types of governments.
  • Detailed economy with over fifty different types of goods and various production factories.
  • Historical gameplay on a large map, covering the entire world.
  • Over 200 different countries can be played, from the era stretching from 1835 to the onset of WWII.
  • Advanced Technological system with hundereds of inventions to be discovered.

System Requirements

Required System Memory (MB) 2 GB
Minimum Graphics NVIDIA GeForce 8800 or ATI RadeonĀ® X1900
Processor Speed (GHz) Intel PentiumIV 2.4 GHz or AMD 3500+

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