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  • Beamdog Client 1.8 Beta

    You shouldn't have to re-download every time you want to play it - what game are you experiencing this with?

  • Beamdog Client 1.8.1 Released!

    wow the luncher just won't work for me at all.. please fix it

  • Beamdog's BGEE : a new hope?

    Maybe you haven't been playing the right DLCs. The ones I've found to be worthwhile were 8+ hours of solid gameplay, and there's one DLC mission for Borderlands that I still haven't finished because it's so long.

    In any case, I would agree with you that most of the time the DLC isn't worth the five dollars you pay for it. There are some gems out there, but an "expansion pack" (which is really just a larger DLC) is almost always better.

  • Client very slow

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  • Missing X3DAudio1_7.dll error. Having the same problem that super80sdemon had

    When you installed MDK2 HD through Beamdog, do you know if it successfully installed Direct X?

  • Multiplayer

    When playing BGEE multiplayer everyone but the host crashes whenever the party rests. Running windows 7 on all machines and each machine can play single player or host multiplayer without issues. However non host players keep getting "desynced" where they can't see that the other non player is moving and cannot interact (or crashes when there is an attempt). Id love some feedback about this, If its not going to get fixed I would really like a refund. I bought this game to play with my friends and Its unplayable.

  • When in the nine hells will the MP support for Baldur's Gate EE come!?

    So basically it can be a couple of months left until the MP release? Honestly I find it rather weird that games gets put out on the market before you have a clear schedule, anyway good luck and I really hope it's finished soon.

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