Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Beamdog have a Client?

The Beamdog Client allows us to give a better, consistent user experience. We did months of research on every possible approach from streaming in a browser to simple direct downloads. In the end we wanted to ensure a great experience and the Beamdog Client was the only implementation that could deliver.

Is Beamdog a subscription service?

No, Beamdog is not a subscription service. You pay for your games once, and then they belong to you. We will never take your games away from you once you've purchased them from us.

What do you do with my Credit Card data?

We work with a payment gateway service so we can ensure the security of your credit card data. We never store your credit information on our servers and we take your privacy very seriously. For more information, look at our privacy policy.

How many computers can I install my games on?

We do not limit the number of computers you can install your games on, we do however limit concurrent usage of those games. When you buy a game from us we grant a license to run only one copy at a given time. If you log into another Beamdog Client, we log you out of the previous session.

What happens to my games if you shut down?

We are committed to thinking of our customers first, so if for some unforseen reason we are forced (yes, I say forced as we'll fight tooth and nail to keep the service going) to shut our service down we will remove all date based expiry in the system.

If you've got a question that isn't answered here, or if you'd like to provide us with some feedback, feel free to post on our forums or send an email at contact@beamdog.com.

Please note that my dog goggles, or doggles, are custom made and not for sale.