ZUXXEZ Entertainment


For years, ZUXXEZ Entertainment has developed successful brands, built international presence, and published award winning blockbusters of all genres in cooperation with TopWare Entertainment; manifesting itself as a proverbial "breath of fresh air" in the video game industry. Evidence of this fact can be seen in the successful IPs generated by in-house development studio Reality Pump and other top licenses acquired from external developers. Games such as "Jagged Alliance 2", "Earth 2160", and "Two Worlds" II are just a few of the award winning box office hits to emerge from this unique and innovative studio.

Being a privately held and financed company and operating without any impeding foreign control, ZUXXEZ is able to make quick decisions and adjustments to adapt to a constantly evolving global marketplace. Currently, the company is the only worldwide, independent Game Publisher with its own in-house development resources, with more than 25 years of entertainment industry experience. Over the years, that experience has given the video game community such innovative milestones as the first CD-ROM (1992), the first DVD-ROM (1997), and the first BD-ROM (2008) containing gaming content.

Beside this, TopWare Interactive is the first German based company appointed as a licensed Publisher by Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony for their, respective, next gen platforms. This provides for a solid future product portfolio on multiple platforms and distribution channels. Presently, ZUXXEZ develops for and publishes on PC, Mac, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS; although, future platforms such as the Xbox 720 and NATAL continue to remain insight. In fact, in the PC sector, ZUXXEZ retains a close partnership with Intel, AMD and Nvidia, striving to propel innovation and remain on the cutting-edge of state-of-the-art technology.

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