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For nearly ten years, our main focus has been engineering excellence to delight our fans. We craft compelling game experiences, wherever you choose to play--whether that’s on desktop, mobile, or beyond.

At Beamdog, we don’t just value quality in our products, but quality in our workplace. To this end, we make sure to cultivate the following values:

We Work Hard

We Work Hard

Video games are hard to create.

To deliver the entertainment our fans expect, we have to work hard. We focus while at work and ensure that, every day, we accomplish valuable tasks which contribute to our goals.

We understand that, with a consistent, quality effort, we can accomplish great works.

We Deliver Every day

We Deliver Every Day

Delivering every day is how we succeed. By taking an extra few minutes to ensure a task is completed, or a bug fixed, we make tomorrow an easier day.

We don’t push work to later in the schedule and inflict hardship on ourselves; we grab the work and finish it completely as part of our daily effort.

We Are Professional

We Are Professional

Professional conduct is a mindset and a series of behaviours.

Core to professional conduct is reliability and accountability. When you commit, you need to come through. Show up for meetings on time, respect the value of other team members’ time. Be polite, respectful, and positive.

Professionals are team members who work to ensure the success of the team, helping out wherever they can.

We Learn And Grow

We Learn and Grow

Game development is an evolving field. Every day, new approaches, tools, and techniques are invented.

We succeed by rising to challenges, trying new approaches, and searching for smart solutions. We look to the future needs of our team and identify areas where we need to grow as a company; we invest in our people and allow them to develop and grow to meet these new challenges.

Only by growing and learning can we accomplish great works.

We Have Fun

We Have Fun

We have fun!

We are an entertainment company, and our goal is to bring fun to our players. We succeed by bringing every part of ourselves to the office to engage in the creative process. We collaborate through the common ground we share and celebrate the differences which allow us to see opportunities and fun that might not be obvious.

Having fun in the process of creation allows us to capture and create the fun that our customers want.

Our History

Beamdog is a Canadian video game studio located in Edmonton, Alberta. Founded by veteran game developers Trent Oster and Cameron Tofer, Beamdog has grown into one of the largest game studios in Alberta.

Beamdog creates compelling game experiences for our fans, wherever they choose to play: PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, & Android. Since 2009, our team of artists, designers and developers have crafted original content and engineered enhanced editions of classic games. We’re best known for bringing beloved Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying games like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape: Torment back to life on desktop and tablets.

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